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New natural gas fueling stations in Tyler

Wednesday, two public accessible alternative fueling stations were announced in the city of Tyler.

The stations will offer vehicles to run off compressed natural gas and liquefied petroleum.

"Moving to natural gas for your vehicle is economically one of the most advantageous things you can do," said Balu Balagopal, Co-Chief Executive Officer of NAT G CNG Solutions.

NAT G CNG solutions has partnered with NDMJ transportation, who has been running their taxi cab service with compressed natural gas and liquefied petroleum.

"We started the taxi cab company almost 30 years ago and it evolved over a period of time and as technology has changed, we adapted," said Jamal Moharer, President NDMJ Transportation.

NDMJ Transportation owns a private fueling station, but will be opening a public fueling station on North Bois D'Arc Avenue and one on 69 North and Loop 323.

Balagopal turned a F150 pick-up truck into an all-natural gas-fueled vehicle. They can make almost any vehicle run on compressed natural gas.

"We are here to work with businesses, fleet owners, and individuals in the Tyler, East Texas area, to advise them and to actually get them their solutions so they can move them to natural gas," said Balagopal.

Balagopal adds the economic benefits of these vehicles.

"The cost of the fuel can actually be two dollars a gallon or more, less than the price you may for diesel and gasoline," said Balagopal.

Moharer says having bad air quality leads to extra expenses, like more expensive inspection stickers for car owners. 

He says these stations will urge people to convert, better the air quality and save everyone money.

"Taking this step provides an avenue for other fleet owners and general owners to do their part and prevent our air quality to slide into non-attainment because then we will all pay," said Moharer.

These are the first public alternative fueling stations in Tyler.

They will be funded by a private sector of NDMJ transportation.

The project of implementing these public fuel stations is expected to take anywhere from three to four months.

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