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Driver crashes backward into Longview business


An out-of-control driver, in reverse, had people scrambling to get out of the way and left a business badly damaged. The crash happened around 9:40 Wednesday morning at a business in a shopping center in the 1700 block of west Loop 281 in Longview. Miraculously, no one was seriously hurt.

"I just kept hearing that squealing sound, tires squealing," says witness Mike Stacy, who works next door at Big 5 tire and auto.

Longview police and fire responded to the wreck involving a SUV crashing backwards into Rent-a-Center.

"When I looked out, apparently he'd already backed out, hit two cars, was wide open backwards through the parking lot," Stacy says.

Police say for some reason 79-year-old Clarence Barnes, Jr., gunned the accelerator when he went in reverse.

"As he was backing out, for whatever reason, he pressed harder on the gas apparently," says Longview police officer Kristie Brian.

Racing backwards through the parking lot, Barnes SUV crashed into 2 other vehicles, then did a complete 360 heading back to the building.

"The van he hit that, he ripped the wheels off of, had a passenger in it. Two other people washing a van and they were 4 or 5 feet when he came by," Stacy says.

At the moment of impact, a man was washing windows inside R-A-C as the car came crashing through. He was not injured. Barnes crashed through a brick pillar and through glass windows, causing structural damage.

"We have a rescue technical team out here shoring up the structure for safety. This is the first one I've seen someone backing into one," says Longview fire battalion chief Steve Green.

Barnes was transported to Good Shepherd Medical Center with cuts and scrapes and was the only one injured.

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