Better East Texas: Greenhouse gas emissions

Better East Texas: Greenhouse gas emissions

(KLTV) - President Obama recently rolled out his plans to address climate change and other environmental issues.

The President has lined up several executive orders that essentially skirt process through Congress, which he has the right to do. At stake in these executive orders is the final fate of the Keystone X-L pipeline that snakes from Canada, through East Texas to the gulf coast.

The president has the power to give final approval for the project which has already been under construction in our area of the state. He is waiting on a final analysis from the Environmental Protection Agency. The president chose to make the speech in front of a crowd of about 500 at Georgetown University. The speech was outdoors and every major news organization chose to grab a video still of the president wiping his brow with a handkerchief in the sweltering heat, as if to visually drive the point that it was hot and the president was sweating. It was an almost comical display of connection with the topic of the speech.

I don't believe the president touched on the fact that emissions of greenhouse gases have dropped in America to their lowest in years, and no matter what we do, China and India have chosen not to follow suit and their country's emissions are increasing. So the message is that this is a global issue, and while we need to do our part as a world leader – and are doing our part –, it will have minimal impact until other countries are on board.

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