Better East Texas: Paula Deen

Better East Texas: Paula Deen

(KLTV) - Paula Deen is in the broiler and is paying dearly for comments she made more than twenty years ago.

The news has been a little slow recently, so I am certain you have heard the on-going story of how Food Network and other partners of cooking personality Paula Deen have been severing their ties with her. Obviously the comments that Deen admitted under oath are offensive, but you have to wonder if the reaction to those words – more than 20 years later – is really justified.

The whole issue stems from a lawsuit filed by a former employee in Deen's family business against her and her brother. The suit alleges that Deen and her brother used offensive racial slang during the daily operation of their business. And these alleged offenses would have happened very recently. If those charges turn out to be true, then I can see the sponsor departure being justified. But here you have Deen being roasted for an incident that has little, if anything, to do with the lawsuit in the court system.

So the logic seems to be, in this case, that you are presumed guilty based on your words from twenty years ago, regardless of what your words have been recently. If you are found innocent, well, good luck in rebuilding your name and business. Who knows what will happen with the original lawsuit, she may be found guilty, but to punish her in the way her character is being assassinated is a rush to judgment.

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