Local Company Has Hand In National Campaigns

From the streets of East Texas to the floor of the political conventions, campaign signs seem to be everywhere you look these days. And when candidates from all over the country want to order those signs, they come calling on an East Texas company.

Like cherished mementos, they're posted throughout the building at Designer Graphics in Tyler. For politicians the signs represent a campaign.  For workers they represent another days work.

Owner Dana Mueller started the company back in 1988. Mostly t-shirts and smaller orders then, the company has become one of the largest suppliers of political signs in the country. It's business Mueller said keeps things going this time of year pretty much around the clock.

"We stay busy almost for a whole year," he said "In campaign season I will do twice as much business as regular year."

From local races all the way up to the president, Designer Graphics has a hand in dozens of contests across the country. Mueller said partisan politics are not part of the order.

"We did the Rick Perry design when he ran for governor the last time, we also did Tony Sanchez for the state," he said. "We're a printer and what we do is print, we try very hard to be non-partisan."

So no matter who comes out on top in November, Mueller considers his company a winner.

"Campaign season is nice to us."

The company has also been trusted with some pretty sensitive information in the past. Three days before presidential hopeful John Kerry announced a running mate, Designer Graphics was already printing up signs bearing John Edwards' name.

Chris Gibson, reporting