American Red Cross Desperate For Donations

The American Red Cross is struggling, helping victims from both hurricane Charley and hurricane Frances. Having the storms hit the same area within just a few weeks, has put an incredible financial strain on the organization.

They come providing aid for victims in any disaster. In Florida, it was a devastating double blow. Donna Mahurin, is the executive director of the Piney Woods chapter of the American Red Cross. She says after Charley, the organization had a goal. "The goal for hurricane Charley was around $50 million and to date we've raised right around $30 million for that effort, but that was just for that effort," says Donna.

Already under their goal, hurricane Frances hit. "It's like the double whammy. You were proceeding on 3 and 4 weeks into one disaster and having to regroup and basically start over," says volunteer Carol Walker.

Carol went to Florida after Charley. She says the Red Cross relies on donations to provide the basics to victims. "The basics of cleaning supplies, toothbrushes, shampoo. Those are called comfort kits. We have clean-up kits that help the family to begin to cleaning up their home...buckets and mops and bleach," says Carol.

Donna says with the threat of a third storm hitting soon, the need for donations is critical. "It started so early and seems to be so continual that it's really going to take a toll on everyone involved. Already East Texans have responded wonderfully by making millions but the need is just so great," says Donna.

If you would like to make a donation you can go to

Amy Tatum, reporting.