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Engineering camp for kids: "challenging and fun!"

LeTourneau University is offering 96 different summer camp programs to kids of all interests, one of which is an engineering-focused camp.

The kids of the engineering program at the camp built their own water bottle rockets from everyday materials.

"This is the best camp so far and I really like it because I get to learn about stuff because I want to be an engineer when I grow up," said Sergio Hernandez, a camper at the junior engineer program.

It has proven to be both educational and fun for the kids.

"This camp is really fun. There are a lot of other nice kids here so I get to make a lot of new friends and the experiments are really fun," said Rebecca Gautreaux, another camper participating in the junior engineering program.

Lance Homeniuk, the camp director of junior engineers program, encourages the kids to learn through their own hands-on experiences.

"It's a real challenge to the kids to design something all on their own and then build it all on their own and have it run and then have to fix it when the wheels fall off," said Homeniuk.

The goal is to keep the kids tuned in during the summer, and lead them to unexpected accomplishments.

"We are keeping their brains working, showing them that they can do and achieve things they may have never considered before and they get that kind of thrill of accomplishment," said Homeniuk.      

Lance states that it's not hard to keep kids involved in learning experiences during the summer.

"You don't have to convince them something like science is fun. You just give them the opportunity to enjoy it and if they learn something academic, that's the cherry on top," said Homeniuk.

There's one thing the camp wants to instill in the kids.

"It's never wrong to fail as long as you try again and learn from your mistakes. They amaze themselves with what they come up with," said Homeniuk.

If you'd like to learn more about the summer camp programsavailable or sign your child up, click here.

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