Local legislator leads way on abortion bill

Tonight at 10, we have a new report on an issue that is taking center stage in the state legislature's special session right now, with hundreds of protesters rallying in Austin.  Mitch Goulding has spent today talking with local representative, Matt Schaefer, who says passing a new bill on abortion regulations in Texas is at the top of his agenda.

You probably don't think much about ham radios these days.  It's possible you don't even know what a ham radio is or does.  No worries.  Bob Hallmark has a new report on a group of East Texans who work hard to keep the ham radio tradition alive because they say that in a super high-tech world like ours, a ham radio is one of the few methods of communication you can count on, when the the internet or electricity is out.

Storm Tracker 7 Meteorologist Brett Collar is in the Weather Center, finalizing the new forecast.  He's been keeping close track of the temperatures and the possibility of rain helping to bring them down a little.  Tonight at 10, he'll let you know what you can expect from the weather where you live.