Longview alcohol sales go into effect

The people made their voice clear in a May vote, and now some East Texas businesses are taking advantage of a new alcohol sales law. Brookshire's Grocery Store on Gilmer road became the first north Longview location to sell alcohol for off premises consumption.

"Voters in Longview approved to have the sale of beer and wine expanded to all of Longview. Yes, we have alcohol that's starting to roll out to some of these stores, those that have applied through TABC, " says city of Longview spokesperson Shawn Hara.

Traditionally, Longview's north and west sides have been dry. But some see the new sales of beer and wine as a convenience.

"I think its great. Because its convenient to get to, sometimes in Longview people on the north side have to go to the south side to get alcohol," says shopper Tina Loften.

Numerous other big stores in Longview have made application to sell alcohol for off-premise consumption. Supporters of the May vote say there are economic benefits of alcohol sales.

"This is important because in today's marketplace, businesses won't come into an area where they can't sell beer and wine," says one supporter.

"We've got our sales tax which could be potentially impacted by that," Hara says.

Even those we talked with who voted against it say they will continue to shop stores that sell alcohol.

"There is opportunity here for some potential economic growth for Longview, got the opportunity for businesses to come in and set up," adds Hara.

An important note: the new proposition does not allow for formerly dry areas of Longview to sell liquor.

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