New principal in place at JT

We were there as Tyler ISD made a big announcement.  John Tyler High School has a new principal who's come from Houston to take over the position.  Lexie Cook talked with Dr. Kenneth Gay about the challenges ahead of him and his expectations for himself and the student body and staff.

This week, it was announced that Afghan troops were leading their own missions and are now in charge of their own security.  Tonight, we talked with a local soldier who came home tonight after 2 deployments, training Afghani personnel.  We asked him his thoughts about that new development and what's next for him and his family.  I'll have a special Welcome Home, Soldier report for you after the game.

Storm Tracker 7 Meteorologist Grant Dade is in the Weather Center, working on a new forecast to present to you after the game ends.  He'll let you know exactly what you can expect from the weather where you live.