Volunteers Spend Holiday Campaigning

Some were scheduled to work today, and others volunteered.

Local high schoolers, some not even old enough to vote, spent the morning campaigning for the Republican party. The group was from the All Saint's Young Republican Club.

They were stationed along Loop 323 in Tyler, passing out bumper stickers and flyers for the Gohmert and Bush campaigns. They say it was time well spent.

"I think if anything this will just remind people to go vote," says Jordan Cohen a member of the All Saint's Young Republican Club member.

"I think that everyone should get involved in it. I mean I can't vote but I'm getting involved in it, I'm putting my input in it," says Ashley Vera, All Saint's Young Republican Club member.

The kids also got credit for the time they spent campaigning which will count towards the 60 hours of community service they are required to have before the end of the year.

Braid Sharp, reporting.