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Working on the Workers Holiday

Who runs the town on the day everyone is supposed to be off the clock? Turns out Labor Day for some is no holiday at all, just a reminder that they're on the job while everyone else takes the day off.

So what are people doing that requires others to work while they don't? Getting a haircut for starters.

"I've been with the company twenty years and for twenty years my customers know me and I work every time. Of course, my family's off and today I'm having to work, " says hairdresser, Lan Gain.

And of course, stores are packed with shoppers who would normally be working, so retailers are on duty today.

"This is a very busy workday. The doors were open early and customers were pouring in, " says Retail Salesperson, Deanna Holmes.

Some spend the day catching up on errands like car maintenance, bad news for mechanics who would rather be with family than under the hood.

"I don't feel that it's very fair for the individuals out there that do have to work on Labor Day. I just wish I had the opportunity to get the day off so I could spend it with my family," says Auto Repair Manager, Tyler Russell.

But not everyone minds spending their holiday on the clock.

"Well someone's gotta do it, why not me? I'll get a little extra money and go shopping. If someone didn't do it, everything would be closed down and when people needed stuff they'd just be out of luck," says Gas Station Attendant, Edith Hawkins.

And some refuse to let the fact that they're working on the 'workers holiday' ruin their Labor Day plans.

"We've got some great sales so my lunch hour will be spent shopping," says Retail Salesperson, Holmes.

Reporting: Braid Sharp

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