Better East Texas: Fox News

Better East Texas: Fox News

(KLTV) - I read on-line where Fox News is being sued for showing a suicide by a man in Arizona live during a broadcast. The incident came at the end of a car chase and the man's children ended up seeing the video on-line, not knowing it involved their father.

It appears that several safeguards failed including a delay system that would have prevented the tragedy from being shown to the cable channel's audience. The drive to air live news as it is happening, and even live weather events, is at a height never seen before. And most news organizations will tell you that audiences clamor for live events even if there is a risk for tragedy.

As a society, we are consumed with a know-it-now hunger that can often blow up in the face of news organizations trying to satisfy that hunger. Mistakes are made and lives are impacted when news people rush to be first and end up being only careless. Our news team is absolutely driven to bring breaking news stories to you first, but we have to be accurate more than anything.

As Fox News will most likely learn, there is no room for system failure on this front. And as a society, we need to consider what motivates us to want to see these events as they happen, and if the adrenaline is really worth the risk of tragedy.

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