Texans Headed To Help Florida Hurricane Victims

East Texans are moving into Florida trying to help those who again are in need of food and basic necessities. The East Texas Disaster Team is making it's second visit to Florida in the last 4 weeks. The Red Cross has determined that the 40 field kitchens set up by Texas units will have to provide over one-million meals to people displaced from their homes or suffering from power outages.

Team members are communicating with members in Texas, and say the situation is worse than the first time they traveled to Florida.

"As the hurricane slowed down its doing much more damage that if it had come across the state, so they're finding that more power is being lost on a hour by hour basis so that's going to be more needs of kitchen set ups, it means longer recovery for the people," says team member Mike Brittan.

The team will stay in Florida to feed and care for victims as long as it takes.

Bob Hallmark, reporting. bhallmark@kltv.com