East Texas restaurants get serious violations

Several East Texas restaurants suffered serious violations under inspection. In Longview, Mazzio's at 2108 Gilmer Road had 8 critical violations in a May 30th inspection.

Alfredo sauce , peppers and spinach sauce were held too warm. Spoiled meat sauce was found. Foods were not properly dated & stored. Food contact surfaces were dirty and had mold on them. Total demerits : 29

In Tyler, International House of Pancakes at 115 West Southwest Loop 323. Sour cream, cheeses and other foods held to warm. Raw eggshells stored above waffle mix. Beetles observed throughout the facility. Walk in cooler out of temperature. 28 demerits. Permit suspended 6/6. Permit reinstated 6/7.

Little Caesars Pizza at 510 South Southwest Loop 323. Employee seen drinking beverage while preparing food. Water seen dripping on flour dough. A grease trap was leaking. Can opener had food particles and metal shavings on it. 24 demerits. Permit suspended 6/3. Permit reinstated 6/4.

Dairy Queen #2 at 3520 West Gentry. Chicken tenders & steak fingers held at unsafe temperature. Flies were observed throughout the facility. Food contact surfaces and utensils were dirty. 15 demerits.

In Whitehouse, Sonic Drive-In at 433 Highway 110 North. Tomatoes, lettuce, & cheeses held too warm & discarded. Employees seen handling foods barehanded. Flies in the food prep area. 18: demerits.

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