Freedom Fighters: Tab Slaughter

Tab Slaughter says his is a military family. He met his wife Merle when he was being trained for war and she was working in the war effort. Their son, Tony, served and was badly wounded in Vietnam. His grandson, Gerald Allen, served in the army and grandson Brent leaves soon for a second round of duty with the marines in iraq. In 1944, Tab Slaughter was sent to Italy, assigned to the 50th field artillary. His three battle stars and bronze star attest to his bravery in some of the most ferocious battles of the European campaign.

Today, Slaughter continues to serve his country with the Arden Hanes American Legion Post 351 Color Guard.

The guard marches in parades and participates in funerals and patriotic occasions. Slaughter says it's something he does in honor of his fallen buddies, just like what he did in WWII was for family and country.

Joan Hallmark, reporting.