Landscaping pooch mans the mower

(WCAX) - It is often said that a dog is a man's best friend - and one man in Vermont believes that to the fullest.

Henry Illsley was given his dog Mia when he went on disability in 2007 as a sort of therapy dog - Illsley suffers from chronic pain. Mia hates being away from him for too long so Illsley for too long, so he did what any good dog owner would do. He built his princess a throne of her own, attaching a lawn chair to his riding mower so she could ride along with him when he mows the lawn.

"WhenI went to mow with the lawn mower, she liked to be right between my legs. Andthat wasn't a safe place, so that's why I got the kids' lawn chair rigged thatup so she would have a safe place to ride, " says Illsley.

Together, the pair makes weekly laps around the yard, cleaning up and being careful along the way - a friendship based on give and take, where there's never a free ride.

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