Presidential Election Gets Real For Students

It's politics... in the classroom. Many local high schools are making this year's Presidential Election a daily topic of discussion. Teachers say it's the perfect opportunity to explain the political process and how it will affect students now and in the future. Among their hot topics? The possibility of a draft, and the responsibility of voting. Students say it's important, because this time, they are headed to the polls.

"We are the government. We put whoever we believe in up there, to represent our values and morals," says JTHS senior, John Golden.

"People don't realize how important it is to vote these days. In a communist country they don't have that right, and it's such an honored privilege that we should take advantage of it," says JTHS senior, Mandy Easter.

"The draft issue can really divide the election. I think most people will vote for Kerry just because of that issue," says JTHS senior, Charlton McCree.

And the teachers are trying to make it easier for students to get involved. This year, they will be able to register to vote in their government classes.

Reporting: Braid Sharp