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Water skiing squirrel visits East Texas


  A water skiing squirrel made a huge splash today at Canton's Splash Kingdom water park.

 Twiggy and her owner Lou Ann Best have traveled the globe to perform their water ski act.

"We've traveled all over the world. We've been as far as Pairs, France, and Germany, Bermuda, all over the United States and Canada," said Best.

Best and her husband taught their rescued squirrel how to water ski after he bought their daughter a remote control boat for her 6th birthday years ago.

"So all our friends started teasing him saying he bought the boat for himself and not for her. Well, he wasn't going to own up to that. He said, 'No I have to learn to drive it so I can teach my squirrel to water ski with it.' They said, 'Nah, you can't do that.' You don't tell my husband he can't do anything. So we proceeded to teach her how to water ski and she did very well," said Best

Twiggy's talent was quickly recognized by local newspapers and since then she has appeared on multiple tv shows, movies, commercials and now, she has made her way to East Texas.

Crowds gathered in anticipation for the show to enjoy the performance including Melanie Gary and her son Max.

"It was so fun to watch Twiggy. She could do so many tricks and it was great that we talked about boat safety. We loved it," said Best.

Promoting aquatic safety is the main reason Lou Ann tours the country with Twiggy.

Years ago her husband lost his life in a drowning accident.

"My husband didn't make it through the situation, so I've continued the show and I promote water safety and boating safety. Twiggy wears a life jacket, I teach the kids how to float and try make a difference," said Best.

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