Airplane Contest Gives Winners Free Flight

Kids usually get in trouble for flying paper airplanes in class, but that wasn't the case today in Tyler.

Stewart Middle School's technology class competed to see whose styrofoam plane could fly the farthest.

The judge was Mark Johnson, Chief of Staff for the Civil Air Patrol in Tyler. The winner in each class gets an overview of Tyler from the sky. Two weeks from now, they'll get to ride in Johnson's private plane.

The overall winner was 7th grader Jonny Coffer, whose plane went 70 feet. He shared his technique with us today.

"I made a paper plane," he said. "I was bored and I just made it. And then I made an idea. I had to cut out a shape. Then I taped it to styrofoam. Then I cut out the shape."

One-hundred-twenty students participated in the airplane flying contest. They made the planes using physics concepts they learned in their technology class.

Julie Tam, reporting.