Better East Texas: NSA whistleblower

Better East Texas: NSA whistleblower

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The intelligence contractor that has become the whistleblower on the government's secret data mining program has been called a hero, a traitor and just about everything in between.

Edward Snowden seems to come across as a genuine person interested in protecting the privacy for American citizens. And that is certainly one way to look at it. But he needs to be brought to justice because while his revelations are indeed unsettling for most of us, Mr. Snowden took an oath and has now broken that oath.

Typically, when you have a situation where a whistleblower comes forward, there is a clear law being broken. Well, in the world of espionage, the United States and other countries have created intelligence systems that most Americans would find offensive, until these systems thwart a terrorist attack.

We, as a country, have had to adjust to many invasions in the past decade including security screenings at airports and public events, x-rays and pat down,s and extensive background checks – all in the name of national security. The only difference with this data mining system is that we didn't know about it, and that is probably one of the few strengths to this system.

As free citizens, we don't like the way this looks, but programs like this are vital to our national security and Mr. Snowden needs to be prosecuted to keep others from following his path. It will strengthen our country and make for a Better East Texas.

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