Major changes for local football teams

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Coleman Swierc will have a new report that explains what the new UIL rule regulating football practice means for local teams.  He'll explain how the rule is supposed to work.  Watch tonight to better understand why the UIL thinks this new rule limiting how long teams can hit during practice will benefit Texas students.

Tonight after the game, we'll show you how Patriot Guard riders are honoring their fallen comrade who died in a wreck.

Storm Tracker 7 Meteorologist Grant Dade is joining us tonight to tell you about your new forecast.  He's in the Weather Center, right now, analyzing all of the data streaming into our vast computer network.  He's going to put what he finds into language we can all understand so we know what to expect from the weather where we live.

Lexie Cook will have a new report that takes a look at the dynamics that shaped the Jacksonville mayoral race runoff that came down to the wire.