A wonder-week for the Rumbelow family

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Inside Bruno's Pizza in south Tyler, Jay Rumbelow is enjoying the best week ever.

"Don't let me come down off this cloud, because that is where I have been since all this happened," said Rumbelow. "It is a dream come true for both me and him."

The dream began on Friday.

Jay's son, Nick, a pitcher for LSU and former Bullard Panther, was drafted in the 7th round by the New York Yankees.

"The first thing he said is 'It is a dream come true Dad,' so he was extremely happy," said Jay. "It had had a chance to sink in to me, but to hear him say it, it was just unbelieveable."

His son will join one of the premier sports franchises in the world.

"It is a long shot for him to wear those pinstripes one day, but you have to get to this point before you get to those pinstripes, so it is an awesome feeling."

But that was just the beginning.

A day after the draft, Jay watched his son's team clinch a spot in the College World Series.

"He wanted to go play with the best and be one of the best and get to go to Omaha," said Jay. "LSU has won six [championships] and they are in a pretty good position to win seven, they have a great team."

Rumbelow says he will make the trip to Omaha, where his son will play for a national title.

It puts a cap on a fabulous last four days.

"For these two major highs, it seems like there are seemingly hundreds of lows to get this point and it is unbelieveable."

"To all happen at the same time, it is a wonderful feeling."

The College World Series starts on Saturday in Omaha, Nebraska.

Former Tyler Lee star Brett Pirtle, who plays for Mississippi State, will also be in the CWS.

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