Restaurant Report: Cherokee County

At Stamps Restaurant on East Rusk Street in Jacksonville, the July 21st inspection turned up an open drink cup in the food prep area, fries and biscuit dough stored on the floor, cleansers stored above and by food and a can opener and the drink dispenser needed cleaning. Total demerits: 17.
 A recheck is not on file.

Many other restaurants had a perfect score with no demerits. They include a former blue ribbon award winner, DJ's  Smokehouse at 401 Larissa St. in Jacksonville.

Others making the perfect score are:

KFC at 444 S. Jackson in Jacksonville

Milano's Pizza on Hwy 69 in Jacksonville

Al's Barbeque on Hwy 175 in Cuney

Pizza Hut on 1602 S. Jackson in Jacksonville

Angelina House at 211 Philip St. in Jacksonville

Subway at 1127 S. Jackson in Jacksonville

City Donut and Grill at 1744 S. Jackson in Jacksonville