East Texan At RNC

When President Bush accepted his party's nomination in New York City, a Republican candidate for U.S. Congress from Tyler was there, cheering him on. District 1 Congressional Candidate, Louie Gohmert has spent the week as part of the Texas delegation. Earlier today, KLTV 7's Joe Terrell got a chance to speak with Gohmert by satellite .

"It's all been so uplifting to see so many Americans of like mind for the future of their country, disagreeing on a number of issues, but like-minded in what this country needs. And that's George W. Bush and not John Kerry," said Gohmert in an interview from the convention hall today.

Gohmert gave a speech before the convention last Monday. He says he wasn't nervous about giving the speech, but was a little nervous he would trip and fall while walking out to the podium. Everything went just fine.