New Auto Registration Stickers Offered In Smith And Gregg Counties

A new design in registration stickers will help Texas law enforcement battle sticker theft. Local authorities have seen instances of people breaking into cars to steal the registration sticker from the windshield. But with a new version being tried out locally in Smith and Gregg counties, thieves might decide it's not worth the trouble.

The new sticker contains more information, including the car's license plate number, and the last 6 digits of the vehicle's identification number or "vin". The design addresses what authorities say is a growing problem, but this will make it tougher to remove and place on another vehicle.

"In some areas of the state there have been problems with sticker theft and moving them from one vehicle to the next, and this is gonna help law enforcement quite a bit" says Gregg county tax assessor-collector Kirk Shields.

180 counties across Texas are implementing the new stickers.