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Tracking bracelet saves Parkinson's dementia patient's life


Janet Bulls says her husband, Sonny, scares her every time he wanders off from their home.

"It's so frightening, you have no idea where he is. One night he had walked farther than we thought he could walk as a Parkinson's patient and had fallen in a ditch."

Sonny has Parkinson's dementia. Janet spent half an hour looking for him last night before putting the couple's new tool to use.

"I thought, instead of searching for hours like we've done before, I'll call them."

Sonny wears a Project Lifesaver bracelet, which puts out a tracking signal via a radio frequency.

Nora Gravois from the Alzheimer's Alliance of Smith County says the bracelet is made for scenario's like this, "The signal gave them the opportunity to go exactly where he was despite what they could or could not see."

Officials, neighbors, and a search dog scoured the area.

"Finally, the locators located him right out in our front yard down under an azalea bush where he had fallen," Janet says, "I was appalled he was that close, we had hunted the whole area and there he was, right in the front yard."

"I wish I could convince families so many times about this very incident, the risk is always there," Gravois says.

Sonny doesn't remember what happened. He was found holding pieces of mail. Janet says he is usually very capable, but having a bracelet like this just in case is a relief.

 "It's a great comfort to know that someone else can come and help you find him."

After 57 years of marriage, Sonny still keeps Janet on her toes and she wouldn't have it any other way.

Project Lifesaver is a nationwide program. When officials are notified that a person with the bracelet is missing, they can find the bracelet's signal with a mobile tracking system.

For more information of Project Lifesaver bracelets click here

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