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Papa John's customer labeled 'worst tipper of the night'


A prank caller in Phoenix took it upon themselves to present a Papa John's customer with the title of "Worst Tipper of the Night".

Tim Carver ordered three pizzas for his family from his local Papa John's restaurant just like he had done many times before. The delivery driver showed up at Carver's door and as is custom, gave the driver a tip. An hour later, he got a phone call from someone claiming to be affiliated with Papa John's. The caller informed Carver that his name had been put into a drawing and that he had won the "worst tipper of the night" contest.

"I just wanted to know how much you tipped your driver, I was like $3. Well you've been put into the worst tipper drawing and you won. I'm like excuse me," recalls Carver.

The caller then asked if they could come back to his house and take a picture to put on the wall as "worst tipper in the area". Carver then called Papa John's to get answers and find out who exactly had made the call. A representative of the company said they had received other complaints from customers who had gotten the same type of prank call, but that the calls were not made by a Papa John's employee.

"They have my personal information, my address, my phone number, all this stuff about me. I don't feel safe," said Carver.

Carver insists that if the man making the calls is not an employee, he must be somehow connected to an employee.

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