Better East Texas: Local veterans paying tolls

Better East Texas: Local veterans paying tolls

(KLTV) - On a recent Better East Texas segment I discussed the topic of a proposed state law that would give special veteran groups an exemption from paying tolls on toll roads in Texas. The Texas legislature did not pass the bill in the regular session so it is tabled for now.

As part of the earlier segment, I made the point that the North East Texas Regional Mobility Authority, or NET RMA, the governing body over Loop 49 in the Tyler area, could step up and make the toll road free for special veteran group members. Well, thankfully, I received a response from the NET RMA Interim Executive Director, Everett Owen, that defines where the group stands on this question.

The NET RMA is partnered with the Central Texas RMA in Austin and essentially has to follow their lead. It gets down to being a matter of costs and keeping the NET RMA financially sound. The letter states "As a small tolling authority just beginning our first year of assuming operations, we must operate in a financially efficient manner. However, the NET RMA is continuing to explore what other opportunities are available that could be feasible to implement a Veterans program."

So at this point, it appears, that this is on the radar for the NET RMA and, at some point in the future, it will be addressed. We've posted the entire letter on-line and we will continue to see how this is resolved. Thank you again, Mister Owen, for the response, it makes for good dialogue and a Better East Texas.

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