Better East Texas: IRS scandal

Better East Texas: IRS scandal

(KLTV) - The seemingly on-going IRS scandal, where IRS employees targeted individuals and non-profit conservative groups by delaying tax-exempt requests and potentially gathering and then releasing information on donors, is a sad testimony to the state of the IRS.

Along with the scandal that is ever-widening, is also a review on the IRS's practice of holding extravagant meetings for IRS employees. Tens of millions of dollars were spent by the government agency on conferences for IRS employees. One single conference cost taxpayers  $4.1 million in 2010. A recent audit called some of the conference expenses "questionable", but when you take time to review some of these expenses, it is unbelievable that the IRS would operate this way.

It is a sure sign that there is more wrong with the agency than can be fixed by replacing only its head. There needs to be a wide-scale cleaning of the house that gets down to manager and even lower employee levels. I have said it before,but this really drives the point home – the distrust for government continues to increase and bad behavior by government officials adds fuel to the fire. The American people will not have confidence or trust in their government until things like this IRS issue are fixed.

The potential solution ultimately rests with President Obama, but he needs to act even quicker to restore confidence in the agency. He won't be able to win over the entire country, but, he needs to address the IRS as the troubled child it is – and that will make for a Better East Texas.

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