7 from 7: Stories for your Tuesday afternoon

Good Tuesday afternoon, everyone! Hope your day is going well.

Here are some stories of interest for you to keep you informed or entertained this afternoon:

1. On the evening of Wednesday, May 8, between 6:21 and 6:45 p.m., three vehicles were burglarized in the parking lot of Good Shepherd Medical Center's Institute for Healthy Living. Credit cards were stolen and have been used by the suspects, as well. The suspects are said to be Asian men and Longview Police are asking the public's help locating them.

2. Two Southeast Texas police officers have been fired after a videotaped incident in which a woman held for an unpaid traffic ticket had her face slammed on a jail counter. Jasper Mayor Mike Lout says it was "sickening" to see the video. We'll tell you more on East Texas News at 5.

3. The Smith County Sheriff's Department has seven new patrol vehicles, all outfitted with radios, thanks to a generous donation from another agency. More info about the newly acquired Dodge Chargers here.

4. We're following up on a shooting in Tyler from last night. The girlfriend of Tyler shooting victim said, 'I don't know why anybody would want to hurt him.' More details here, and KLTV's Melanie Torre will bring you more tonight at 6.

5. In one of the most unusual stories of the day, the wife of Alabama State Senator Shadrack McGill, R-Woodville, took to Facebook to tell women to stop sending pictures to her husband. On our Facebook page, the discussion turned to responsibility: should the women be scolded, or should the Senator just ignore the photos?

6. Some of you tell us you have spotted a blimp over East Texas today. The "Despicablimp" is currently on its way from Monroe, LA to Dallas, TX. The giant airship is modeled after one of the famous minion characters from the hit animated movie "Despicable Me".

7. If you need your daily dose of cute and funny (and who doesn't need it by this time of the afternoon?), check out this video of a dad and his 23-month-old son singing a Beatles song with their guitars. It's worth the click.

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We'll see you soon!

Stephanie Frazier

KLTV Web Producer