Loaded gun found at school

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We’re working to learn more about a gun related incident at Hogg Middle School in Tyler.  We’ll have a new report with details on the loaded gun that was confiscated.

Tonight at 10, we have some video we got from the Tyler police you'll want to see. It shows you how an unarmed thief managed to get away with piles of money during a recent robbery.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Scirto is tracking all of the changes that could affect the weather where you live. Watch tonight at 10 and you'll see his newest forecast that will let you know exactly what you can expect to experience.

Get ready to fight crime!  We have an all new edition of Crimefighters.  Watch at 10 to see if you recognize anyone on the wanted or busted boards.

And, hear what Texas Tech's new football coach had to say when he stopped by to visit East Texas today.