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Cars shot as they near I-40 overpass in Kingston Springs


Driving can be difficult even on the best day, but a couple of drivers said bullets recently came speeding toward their windshield from an interstate overpass.

Maggie Russell said she heard the gunshots and thought it was just someone shooting in the woods.

But investigators say someone was shooting at cars from a Kingston Springs overpass above Interstate 40, and the bullets narrowly missed the people inside those cars.

"It's very scary," Russell said. "I have four small kids that I care for at my house, and I want to keep everybody safe."

Whoever is doing it is a good shot. Both times, they hit their target in the worst possible spot: the windshield directly in front of the drivers' faces.

"That's right in the driver's vision. So once it shattered, the drivers lost vision of the highway, too," said Cheatham County sheriff's investigator Jeff Landis. "You're taking the chance on one wrecked vehicle. And if the driver's not hit, still, having a wreck and ending up in the oncoming lane, possibly causing other injuries or deaths."

Landis said it's a miracle nobody was killed.

"If they continue to do it, next time we may not be as lucky," he said.

Once a suspect is arrested, the charges will likely include attempted manslaughter.

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