Suspect And Three Children Still Missing In Franklin County

Franklin County authorities are trying to determine why an  East Texas man allegedly stole money from his employer and then disappeared with his children.  Authorities in Franklin county are making an urgent plea for a Mount Vernon man to turn himself in and ensure the kids are safe.

27-year old James Emery had never been in trouble with the law. He's been called a model employee, a good father and husband.  Sheriff officials have no idea why he would allegedly take money from the bank he where he worked and vanish. On Sunday afternoon, the 27-year old told his wife that he was taking his three children to visit his grandmother Sunday. That's the last time he, or the children were seen.

Now, Emery is wanted on felony theft charges, suspected of stealing money from the bank where he was a loan officer for 3 years. Many at the sheriff's department knew him and can't understand what motivated him to do this.

"His family's worried sick! It doesn't make sense, they don't understand why he's done what he's done. They're concerned about his and the children's safety and we would encourage him to at the very least contact them. But the other part is whatever mistakes have been made that the sooner he turns himself in, the better it's gonna be for him and the children," says Franklin County Sheriff Chuck White.

Investigators say no Amber alert has been issued in the case because they do not believe the children are in any danger. The F.B.I. and Texas Rangers have now joined in the search.

The car Emery and his children were in is described as a black 2003 Ford Ranger, with an extended cab. The license plate reads... 9MN J07. Anyone who has any information on this case is asked to call the Franklin County Sheriff's Office.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.