Red cross resources stretched in Oklahoma

The devastation from two tornado ravaged areas of Oklahoma has drawn help from all over the country, including an army of red cross workers, many from East Texas. As Red Cross workers were still serving victims in Moore Oklahoma, their resources were stretched to Oklahoma City and surrounding damage.

"We have just been slammed with a lot of operations at one time back to back to back. They sheltered out the storm and immediately went to work," says Red Cross East Texas chapter executive director Tammy Prater.

Thousands of meals served every day, cleaning though debris and doing the job with an army of Red Cross workers.

"This past weekend when El Rino was hit we had 1100 volunteers already in place. First aid supplies, water , ice and those kind of relief items," Prater says.

A team of storm chasers were confirmed among the dead. Their colleagues dedicated a map to their memory.

"Its devastating for all families when they go through that," says Prater.

There are fears the death toll could climb even higher in Oklahoma as emergency workers continue to search flooded areas for missing residents.

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