New Health Clinic For UT-Tyler Students

A letter to the President of UT Tyler has turned into a health care solution for thousands of students. Heather Reyes wrote a letter last year to Dr. Mabry, frustrated that she didn't have the health coverage to get affordable care. Today her idea for a clinic became a reality.

The University of Texas Health Clinic held it's grand opening this afternoon. The clinic will provide health-care services to UT-Tyler students and employees.

"I shouldn't have to battle that kind of thing when there are more important things like studying and our school work. Having this to help our students will improve our quality of life and let us focus on things that are important," says Heather.

The clinic is at a temporary site for now behind the campus. A 6,000 square foot facility will be built and should be opened sometime next year.

Amy Tatum, reporting.