Soft Drinks And Battery Acid?

Many of us choose diet sodas over regular ones, hoping that cutting calories equates to a healthier choice. But did you know that any cola can affect your teeth the same as toxic chemicals? The proof is in the litmus test.

Many people have become addicted to soft drinks, enjoying more than one a day. "Whenever I'm working about two a day but that's it. Sometimes I'll go and not drink a coke all day," admits Claudia Stokes.

Colas are high in calories, that's not news, but doctors say there's more to worry about than just your waistline. "If you compare those soft drinks to battery acid the PH is very similar," says Dr. Barbara Huggins.

That's right, battery acid. We tested the PH level of battery acid with both diet and regular soft drinks. The battery acid registered at a 1 or 2 on our litmus test. The diet and regular colas registered at the 3 and 4 mark, both far below the 7 PH balance.

According to Dr. Mom, that acid is effecting your smile. "You're drinking carbonic acid, that's what's in a soft drink and so that can hurt the enamel on your teeth," says Dr Huggins.

Dr. Mom says the perfect solution to quinching your thirst is water.

Amy Tatum reporting.