Streets of Speed: Roy Road

It took a fatal accident to lower the speed limit on Roy Road.

The street is a shortcut between Tyler and Whitehouse. It runs east-west between Paluxy Drive and Rhoanes Quarter Road. Roy Road runs through a residential area.

Before the neighborhood was annexed to the city of Tyler, the speed limit was 45 mph. But homeowner Ben Blackmon went to Commissioners Court and asked for the speed limit to be lowered to 35. His effort was successful, but it seems the speeding hasn't gone down much.

"They're endangering everyone that lives on this street," Blackmon said.

And themselves. Several years ago, Blackmon and his wife were in their living room one night, when a car plowed through their front yard. An East Texas man, speeding over a hill, lost his wife when she flew out of their car.

"He hit the corner of my house up here and tore it up pretty bad and knocked these windows out and jammed my front door and scooted on down to the, in front of the garage door down there," Blackmon said.

He spent the next two years cleaning broken glass out of his yard and worrying about his own family's safety.

"If it hadn't been for this tree here, they would've come on through the front door," Blackmon said.

Neighbors who still remember the accident feel the same.

"That is kind of scary because I'm in that room right there in the front," Hollie Smith said. "And if somebody was to crash into the house, I mean, that's just pretty dangerous."

Residents say police officers stop speeders on Roy Road on a regular basis.

Today, the average speeder we clocked was going about 10 mph over the speed limit.

Julie Tam, reporting.