Local Woman Sues Sudan For Husbands Death In USS Cole Bombing

Sharla Costelow is trying to get her life back together. She's says everything changed for her and her boys when her husband died on October 12, 2000. He was a victim of the USS Cole bombing.

"He had worked his way up in the navy and had just gotten Chief a month before on September 16th," says Sharla.

Sharla says she and Richard were best friends.

"He was the most humble, honorable man I've ever met," she says.

They had been married for almost ten years. They had a four year old, Ethan and a 6 year old, Brady.

"In the beginning, you are faced with the grief. I don't think the financial part hits you until some time goes by," says Sharla.

When Richard died, she lost her benefits and only got a Social Security Check. She had to sell her home and move back to East Texas to live with her mother. She and many other widows say they were finding it impossible to survive without their husbands.

"This was a terrorist attack. He did not die in war and it was no different than 9-11. They got money and for some reason we have been forgotten, even though the FBI says it was all part of the same plan. It was about hitting America and what America stood for," she says.

That's why she and several other widows are now suing the country of Sudan, a North African Republic, they contend financed, trained and harbored the terrorist responsible for the attack. If they win the suit, Sharla will be awarded 10 million dollars and her two boys 5 million each. She says the money will help her family survive and heal. They all miss Richard. She knows the money won't bring him back, but she hopes winning this lawsuit will send a strong message to terrorists and give Richard and her family some vindication.