In the Kitchen: Eddie Deen's Smoked Peach Ribs

In the Kitchen: Eddie Deen's Smoked Peach Ribs

(KLTV) - Smoking time: 3 hours in a smoker at 220 - 225 degrees

4 racks pork ribs


1 pint of brown sugar

1 pint of sugar

5 tablespoons of cayenne pepper

5 tablespoons of salt

5 tablespoons of black pepper

1/2 pint of your favorite season salt

prepare rub in a mixing bowl

Take the membrane off of the back of the rib.

Season the ribs with the rub.

Prepare the fire in the smoker.

When the internal temperature in the smoker reaches 250 degrees. Place ribs, meat side up on the grill. Always allow fresh air to flow through the smoker during the cooking process.

Maintain a internal smoking temperature around 215 degrees. It is very important to not cut off the air flow. Maintain the heat by the amount of wood. When adding more wood, allow the doors of the pit to be open to allow the wood to catch fire. Black smoke is to be avoided. A clear gray smoke is necessary during the smoking process.

After 3 hours of cooking, check to see if any rack is ready to come off the pit. They are ready when the meat has shrunk back from most of the bones by a quarter of an inch or more. When picking up the ribs with a pair of tongs, the rack should bend in the middle, and the meat should tear easily.. If the ribs are not ready continue to cook.

During the last couple minutes of smoking brush with peach preserves. Wrap in foil for at least 20 minutes before serving.


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