Better East Texas: Lindale school program

(KLTV) - A big reaction has taken place in Lindale where fifthgraders at E.G. Moss Intermediate School had to cancel, amend and ultimatelyreschedule an end of year performing arts program titled "In God WeTrust".

The cancellation and ensuingrescheduling was the result of a complaint filed by the Freedom From ReligionFoundation that threatened legal action against the Lindale Independant School District.  The heart of the matter is theconstitutional provision that ensures that there is no state sponsored religion, or the "separation of church and state" argument.

Now, few will argue that our country'sfounders worshipped and acknowledged God.  "In God We Trust" is our national motto, and we also have the freedom of religion provision of the firstamendment.

There was certain to be acollision of these important features of our country and perhaps we are seeingit, but freedom of religion does notmean that we cannot acknowledge our Creator in our schools and in other publicplaces. That is what the currentmovement against school programs, like the Lindale event, seem to embody.

We need a comprehensive policy that allowsreligious expression and allows those offended, or just not in favor of thatexpression, to excuse themselves.   Allshould have the option to celebrate their faith and it seems we have that inplace, but schools should not be forced to cancel something like this.

It is not a state sponsored religion – it isfreedom to express religion and it makes for a Better East Texas.

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