'Fan'tastic season leads Mineola back to state

MINEOLA, TX (KLTV) - The Mineola softball is headed back to Austin.

And they won't be going alone.

"They might as well shut down the Dairy Queen and Wal-Mart, because there is going to be nobody here," said senior shortstop Brittney Johnson.

"It will be like a ghost town," said centerfielder Ali Galaz. "I feel like there's not going to be anybody here."

Instead, a loyal army of orange will be invading the state tournament.

Mineola fans have consistently outnumbered the opposition during the regular season and playoffs.

"As soon as we got done with the game we got on Twitter as soon as we were on the bus and fans were like, 'We already got out room booked, we already got our room booked.'" said Maris Ledkins. "They were from fans that were not even at the game."

"I feel like we wouldn't be here without our fans," said Galaz.

She isn't joking.

Perhaps the most recognizable Mineola fan, happens to be her father.

Decked out with a head painted to resemble a softball, Oz Galaz leads the Mineola fans in non-stop cheering during the Lady Jackets games.

"He came out with the idea to paint his head as a softball and I love it, we just feed off of it, and I'm always like, 'Yep, that's my dad," said Galaz.

"You just can't help but listen to him and his huge softball head," said Maddie Wood. "It is so crazy to have him there and we are thankful for him and he really keeps our fans going."

And it goes on, all game long.

"I think it helps us, because it reminds us pitch after pitch that we are playing for every single person up there," said Johnson.

"You can hear him from all the way around," said Ledkins. "It is like our own little surround sound on the field, it is perfect."

Now they hope for the pefect ending, not just for themselves but for those that follow.

"We are playing for our brothers and sisters, our parents and grand parents our neices and nephews, we are playing for everybody," said Johnson.

"With our townbase and out student body, it is going to be crazy," said Wood.

The Lady Jackets play at noon on Thursday against La Grange.

All games are played at McCombs field at the University of Texas in Austin.

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