Budget Cuts Could Extend To County Organizations

The Smith County Public Health District wouldn't be the only group to feel the affects of the proposed budget cuts by county commissioners.

The "Heart of Tyler," the "Smith County Historical Society," even "People Attempting to Help," could see some or all of their funding from the county disappear.

That would mean these groups must find other ways to fund their programs. The "Heart of Tyler" hosts the "Texas Jazz Festival" and the "Festival on the Square" in Downtown Tyler each year. Executive Director Kathey Comer says these popular events wouldn't be put in jeopardy, but they would have to trim some things.

"My budget is just under $175,000, of course $5,000 matters, but more significantly we hate to lose the county's support," said Comer.

Comer says her group has discussed options in case the cuts go through.

County leaders say the cuts are necessary because of increased costs in a number of areas including Loop 49 and jail overcrowding.

Chris Gibson, reporting