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East Texan authors Vietnam heroes book

An East Texas Vietnam veteran is commemorating memorial day with a new book that chronicles the heroism of veterans he served with.

"Its time to honor the ones that didn't come home," says Longview native Michael Dan Kellum.

Kellum dropped out of college in 1967 to join the marines and fight in Vietnam. He wants people to know of the brave marines and navy men he served with.

"I hope they have a greater respect for the marines and the navy corpsmen that were with us , and understand what they went through," he says.

His Vietnam experience led him to publish books. His latest : 'American heroes: grunts, pilots & docs'.

"Its just I want to write about heroes who they are, what I experienced and what they experienced and tell their stories," Kellum says.

It also tells of a marines worst memories. Friends who never came back.

"PFC Charlie Frayley was a guy that everybody loved, he helped everybody. And one night he had his leg blown off and died the next day. I moved to the middle of my perimeter out in the bush and I cried like a baby," says Kellum.

He says the stories of his comrades needed to be told.

"Generally tell their stories and not let them be forgotten. I just want people to know that they did serve with honor," he says.

He interviewed over a thousand veterans , marines and navy, for the book. Taking 21 years to finish.

"Some people didn't like the war itself but we were just the messenger sent in harms way and somebody had to go and we went," he says.

Kellum will present a set of his books to the Longview public library. He will sell and sign books at the library from 10:30 a.m. To 11:30 a.m. Thursday.

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