World War II Veterans spend their last day in the nation's capital

Sunday 30 East Texas World War Two Veterans arrived back home following a trip to the nation's capital.

Our Joe Terrell has been with the group on their 3-day journey touring Washington DC documenting the 6th "Brookshire's, World War Two, Heroes Flight."

Their final day in DC began with a trip to memorialize a man whose leadership impacted the lives of our East Texas Heroes like few others. FDR, of course led their generation through disastrous economic times and a war that turned them into different men.

The Navy's Wayne Collins is one of those men. He remembers first, how Roosevelt's policies effected his father's business and eventually his destiny in the war. He says the Heroes Flight and our busy itinerary has pushed him to remember.

"I probably would not have gone to so many memorials on my own," says Collins of Mineola. "But each memorial has opened up things I wouldn't have thought about. I've been effected each time because I have relived part of my life."

Nowhere was that more true for Wayne and the 29 others on this heroes flight, than at the memorial built in tribute to the job they did. The chance to see the WWII memorial at the age of 90, sure was special for Edgar Terrell, father of KLTV's Joe Terrell.

"It's been an experience I've never had before," says the elder Terrell, who served three years in the Navy. "I tell you, it has touched me and it touched me deep, way down deep.  I've never experienced anything like this before," he says.

Terrell saw action aboard ships in both the Atlantic and Pacific theaters.

Both theaters' stories are told here at the WWII Memorial, through pictures and words etched in stone.  And as long as they can visit here those stories will be etched in the minds and stories of these heroic men and women.

Is this their last opportunity to visit the museums and memorials that honor them?

We certainly hope not. But age, and in some cases, health, sacrificed as a cost of war, makes this kind of travel difficult, honestly impossible, without the help and aid of the army of volunteers the Brookshire's Heroes Flight provides.

But, the heavens have smiled upon these heroes before. And history proves we should never bet against this, our Greatest Generation.

There was no charge for them to take this heroes flight. No, they paid the price and more, decades ago.

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