Political Ties

They say a tie can make or break an outfit for a man, but what does a man's tie really say. If you ask a politician they might tell you a tie says a lot about what type of leader you'll be, and that good leaders wear blue. At the conventions blue is the new red, being haled as the color of confidence and dependability. Maybe that's why President Bush has worn a blue tie at every major speech his given since his inauguration, except for the time he declared war on Iraq.

John Edwards believes in blue too. In a book he wrote he said he always wore blue ties when appearing before a jury because he felt women found the color friendly and attractive. But are voters and viewers picking up on the trend.

"Believe it or not we have people come in here and ask for blue ties like the president wears," says Charles Hamilton at Harley's Suit Club. He says blue ties are classic, versatile and smart choices for politicians because blue stands for peace, trust and tranquility.

Some voters say they don't care what the politicians wear. They just want to know what the politicians stand for.