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Longview police warn public about heat dangers


An East Texas police department is trying to teach the public about a summer danger: heat building up inside your car.

"There's already been some incidents of children being left in the vehicles and the children not surviving the incident," says Longview police officer James Bray.

Intense heat and a locked car can be a death chamber for children or pets.

"We're trying to get out to the public to know how hot it gets in the vehicles that way if they leave animals or children they realize that once the vehicle is turned off it can get anywhere from 20 to 30 degrees hotter in the car," says Longview police officer Misty Ryan.

Attached to temperature gauges, a Longview police patrol unit was used in a demonstration. In minutes with outside temperature at 88 degrees, inside the vehicle its up to 100 degrees.

"If it gets to 100 degrees, it can be easily 120 degrees inside," Ryan says.

Already Longview police have seen incidents.

"It was like 80-something degrees the other day and an animal was left in a car and animal control comes over and say you've got to understand that the animal is cooking from the inside out because of the heat, and it can do the same thing to a child," says Ryan.

The demonstration is something police do to remind the public of the danger, and remind them there are no excuses.

"I understand people get in a hurry, just going to run in and run out, but that's no reason to leave a child in the car," Bray says.

Police say they have a zero tolerance policy in instances where a child or pet is left in a vehicle for any amount of time.

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