World War II veterans visit national memorial built in their honor

WASHINGTON D.C. (KLTV) - Thirty East Texas World War II veterans are on the trip of a lifetime.

Our Joe Terrell is traveling with the veterans as part ofthe Brookshire's Heroes Flight and tonight he shows us the reception our men andwomen got earlier today as the got their first look at the memorial built justfor them.

It is Friday and we are at the WWII Memorial.  The scene here is exactly what we seeeverywhere.  Our East Texas heroes arevirtual rock stars.

Spontaneous reception lines form everywhere we go.

School children on end of year trips stop whatever theyare doing and break into applause for our East Texas heroes.

And the photos never stop.  Like handling a Hollywood star, part of ourjobs as volunteers on this trip is to just keep things moving.

On the first day of our trip, the guys didn't quite knowhow to handle their fame.

But they're getting used to it.

At the World War II Memorial built in their honor, it is time to assemblefor a group photo and a surprise visit from a color guard with members of eachbranch of service.

So many memorable moments for them-- but the best memoryfor some--for many-- is knowing they will be remembered.  This unexpected outpouring of respect fromthese young people--everywhere we go--it just means so much.

"That's what I'll remember," says Joe Hogue ofOverton. "I have 3 letters thesekids gave me thanking us for what we did. And you can't beat that."

And of course we can give them that every day. Whether wesee them in Washington, D.C. or right at home in East Texas.

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