East Texans react to Boy Scouts decision

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - East Texans react to the Boy Scouts of America voting to end their ban on openly gay members. The vote was the center of debate at a two day meeting for the organization in Grapevine.

"We've gone from camping in one and two man tents, to 3 man tents because we have to have a majority opinion if anything happened," says Longview Troop 620 leader David Perkins.

A large percentage of scout troops are chartered by church organizations. Many want the scouts to remain as they are.

"The Boy Scouts of America has traditionally been an organization that forms young men in virtues, I think people have the right just as when they send their kids to a catholic school you expect the kids to learn what Christ teaches. We send our kids to the Boy Scouts we expect our kids to learn to be virtuous young men," says father Patrick Fenton of Saint Mary's Catholic Church in Longview,.

The vote could result in church's possibly withdrawing their charters.

"We here at Saint Mary's would be able to say well we're not going to have who is doing this that or the other thing which is in opposition to God's revealed virtues," Fenton says.

More than 60 percent of the voters in the meeting supported the proposal. Though the policy change has been approved, the Boy Scouts of America will maintain its ban on openly gay adult leaders.

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