Better East Texas: Ambucs

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - It is great to report on people in action – meeting a need and changing the world.  Such is the case for an organization called Ambucs.

Ambucs is short for American Business Clubs and they are definitely a group of caring folks in motion.  In fact, the Longview area Ambucs invented a unique mobility device known as the Amtryke.  The Amtryke is a medical need mobility cycle that uses both foot and hand powered peddles to allow someone who is functionally disabled, the ability to peddle around using all of their limbs, usually generating more peddling power than the rider's legs alone.  The Amtryke was invented several years ago and it was a short time before the national Ambucs organization saw that the Longview folks had invented something special.

Fast forward several years and the national Ambucs group has delivered more than ten-thousand of the Amtrykes.  This east Texas born idea has changed the lives of more than ten thousand previously motion-hampered individuals.  Imagine the freedom that comes with being given an Amtryke.  Well the Longview Ambucs are hosting a fund-raising golf tournament on Saturday, June seventh and the proceeds will go to purchase even more Amtrykes.

We have a link on our website where you can get more information and help the Longview Ambucs make it a Better East Texas.

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